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Masters Of Universe

by IooN-Cosmic Downtempo

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Audio Yoga 33:38



Out of the depths of ever expanding Cosmos comes this transmission captured and interpreted by IooN-Cosmic Downtempo, a seasoned dreamweaver of ambient and spacey sound. “Masters of Universe” combines deeply atmospheric and voluminous sound full of elusive echoes and undertones with midtempo explorations that weave together layered melodies with textured soundscapes. A perfect pick for early morning chill slowly progressing into afternoon grooves.

Assistant: “Professor Clyne, here is the signal we have recorded last night.”
Professor Clyne: “What is the source?”
Assistant: “It came from the Galactic core; it was a pain to clear out all of the background noise.”
Professor Clyne: “Are you sure it cannot be explained by some natural phenomena?”
Assistant: “Absolutely! It is like nothing we have detected so far. It is amazing!”
Professor Clyne: “What is it then?”
Assistant: “It is some sort of a message. They call themselves “Masters of the Universe”
Professor Clyne: “What are we waiting for then? Put it on!”

1. Passing horizontal.
The maneuver was inevitable. Only the pull of a black hole could slingshot our beaten down frigate away from the infamous Gamma Ray B. Luckily, CRH-454 was nearby, a five solar masses object that fell onto itself and created such a dramatic spacetime warp. We’d reach 15% of light speed and slow our local time by several years by passing near its horizontal.

2. Nanomeditative submersion
The nature of the dark matter remained elusive for quite some time to our scientists. Only with the advent of deep vibrational theory could we truly grasp the Universe at such an intricate level. Using nanomeditative submersion, one can channel one’s inner eye towards the unseen, microscopic world and fathom its true nature.

3. Ascending to master stillness
Deep meditative states have long been known to be mirrored by high-frequency brain oscillations. Such activity represents a state of the brain when its functional regions (e.g., visual, auditory, motor, etc.) are communicating with each other far less than in a regular, awake state. Interestingly, meditators associate this state with cessation of inner monolog and dissolution of self.

4. Masters of the universal equilibrium
Entropy, a relentless undertow, the dark side of Nature; it slowly but steadily chips away at all you have loved, cherished, and nurtured. And all would have been lost if not for them who have worked painstakingly to create the Isles of Stability where everything remains in its perfect, paradisiacal state. They call themselves the Masters of the Universal Equilibrium.

5. Marine lifeforms
We were not even hoping to find any life on the surface of Europa where rigid temperatures confine even the most volatile of gasses into solid crystals. Insane radiation emanating from Jupiter was not helping either. However, under a sheath of ice hundreds of kilometers deep we found a liquid ocean teeming with life, none like we could have ever imagined in the wildest of dreams.

6. Healing and warming stella
It is hard to say when we recognized that a lonely and inconspicuous pillar standing in the middle of the jungle was the culprit. We passed it many times and almost every trip was full of joy, happiness, and comfort as soon as we passed this megalith. Much later did we find out that this “healing and warming stella”, as some had dubbed it, is just the tip of a sacred Incan temple buried under tons of sedimentary rock.

7. Audio Yoga
The concept of stretching and bending mind by a carefully compiled choir of ethereal and otherworldly sounds is called “audio yoga”. Best practiced together with regular yoga, this combo does miraculous things to the body and the mind. Some even claim to have registered molecular and oscillatory changes in the brains of most avid practitioners of audio yoga.


released February 26, 2017

Written & produced by Jonny Galluccio

Release notes by Roman Popov

Mastering by Dmitriy Redko

Cover picture by Olga Vylegzhanina

Cover design by forest grieg

Jonny Galluccio thanks words :

"Thanks to MoReVoX studios for the Hurricane soundfield library used in this record, Dmitriy AstroPilot, Sandrine Ultimae, Paul Secret Spectrum,Foolvio, Goa-Spacestation Genova, Gregg Hermetec , Psybient.org, Steve Pavlina, Alternating Beats, the woman I love, Jean Louis and all the staff and the nice people I met in Ambiosonic festival 2016 who helped in making this album a reality"


all rights reserved



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